Thank Someone For Accepting Your Advice or Recommendation (ENGLISH LETTER WRITING)

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Thank Someone For Accepting Your Advice or Recommendation


Sample Letter 1



Thank you for the letter informing me of your decision to choose (Name of Service/ Product) to fulfill our current need. I am very pleased that my research and advice on the range of (services/products) available provided helpful insight and stimulated a constructive discussion that led to a mutual agreement. I am confident that your choice will lead to the desired results.


If I can be of any assistance in inquiries or discussions about how to meet additional needs or goals, please don’t hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure to further contribute to the continued growth and success of the company in any way I can.



Sample Letter 2



Thanks for taking my advice so seriously. Those who learn from others’ experience are usually a step ahead of the rest. Purchasing a home within your means now is a wise move. I’m sure you’ve done the right thing. You’re young and will have time to purchase a larger home later. It’s important to build equity now. It looks like you have a great future.



Sample Letter 3



Thank you for implementing my suggestion regarding air quality management in our shop. Ever since the new filtration system was installed I have felt healthier, and our productivity has risen just over 10 percent. It is a pleasure to work in an environment where employee suggestions are taken seriously.



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