Thank Someone For Advice or a Suggestion (English letter writing)

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Thank Someone For Advice or a Suggestion


Sample Letter 1



Thank you for your suggestion on how to make our deliveries more efficient. I agree that we should begin using an electronic scheduling system. It is apparent that you have thought a lot about implementing such a system, and I would like to talk with you about it. I have forwarded this message to my secretary who will call you for an appointment.


Thanks again for your message. The ideas and suggestions of innovative, thinking people are always welcome.



Sample Letter 2



Thank you for your letter suggesting improvements and additions to our monthly catalog. This is exactly the kind of input we need to better serve our members’ needs. I am sending your comments directly to the department manager. We welcome your involvement and will certainly consider implementing your ideas in future publications.


The Doe Company is committed to providing members with the services they need to make shopping by mail easy and worthwhile. As members continue to express their preferences, we will be able to respond with expanded and improved services.



Sample Letter 3



Thank you for your letter to Mr. Doe regarding your observations and suggestions. Mr. Doe appreciates your comments and has asked me to respond on his behalf.


Your ideas for (list ideas) are very much appreciated. Our development team welcomes unsolicited recommendations such as yours. We discover many of our most popular features are a result of comments from our customers. We are always grateful to hear from you and encourage you to pass along your thoughts.


Your patronage and continuing goodwill are very important to us. We look forward to serving your future needs.



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