The annual sports of our school

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The annual sports of our school

The annual sports of a school are really happy and exciting one for the students and teachers. The last annual sports of our school were held on March 15, 2012. We decorated every corner of the school compound with green leaves, festoons and colored papers. The function began at 10 a.m. the national flag was hoisted. Our headmaster took the salute of March past. Then he declared the opening of the sports. There were 22 events in all. The most remarkable events of sports were 100 miters, 300 miter, 400 miter and 800 miter races, javelin throw, discuss throw , long jump, high jump, cycle race, pillow fight, dress as you like etc. I took part in 100 miter race, long jump and cycle race and secured the first position I all the three. The prize giving ceremony began at 5 p.m the local M.P was the chief guest of the function. At first our headmaster delivered a short speech. Then one of our teachers called out the names of the winners one by one. The chief guest gave away the prizes. The function came to an end with the vote of thanks. Rally the occasion was happy to all.

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