The Importance of Protecting the Ecosystem

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The Importance of Protecting the Ecosystem

Ecosystem is important because we all are a part of it. The world is made up of different systems which are interconnected to each other via different means.

Out of all the systems present in this world, we have ecosystem which is composed of all the living and non-living things playing important role in building and maintaining the environment.

Each and every one of us is dependent on the ecological resources directly or indirectly. And it is our duty to maintain the balance that we have already disturbed.

Importance of Protecting the Ecosystem

1. Sustainable Planet

We all know that pollution has caused a lot of troubles for us and other species as well. If the degradation of the environment continues, then neither humans nor other organisms would survive. Therefore, ecosystem protection will ensure our planet’s sustainability.

 2. Improved Biodiversity

Every living organism has its own importance in nature. Every plant and every animal do the work which in their basic nature. We can maintain the food chain process and the balance in nature by taking care of the ecosystem.

3. Controls Global Warming and climate change

Afforestation and reforestation come under ecosystem protection. And by growing more and more trees we can help in reducing the global temperature as trees cool the environment. If global warming comes under our control, then sea level rise will also drop.

 4. Cultural growth

Many cultures are directly associated with the ecosystem they live in. In such cultures, the animals or the local plants living around are treated sacredly. Ecosystem protection gives chance to such cultures to grow and safeguard their spiritual ideas.

5. Medicinal help from plants

There are many plant species which are still to be discovered. Many plant species have important medicinal properties. And by sustaining the ecosystem we can give way for researchers to discover new plants and also protect the already known species.

6. Role of Microorganisms

Microorganisms play very important roles in the ecosystem. They help in decomposition, oxygen production and also help in maintaining symbiotic relationship between other organisms and them. Ecosystem maintenance is necessary for creating a balance between microorganisms as well as other animal species.

7. Ensuring good human health

If ecosystem would be in proper condition, then we would not have to worry about pollution and its harmful effects as everything around us would be pure and refreshing.

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