The Importance of Right Thinking essay

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The Importance of Right Thinking

Right thinking is a habit that we must do our best to cultivate. Much of our suffering is because we cannot or will not think right.

We generally believe whatever is pleasant and truth is very often unpleasant. Weak people have not the courage to hear the truth and to speak it, nor even to think it out dispassionately.

The man who does not rigidly reason for himself and find out the truth to the best of his ability is doing himself and others a great harm.

Can you live healthily in a room where you allow filth and dirt to accumulate? However, thousands of people allow any amount of intellectual filth to accumulate in their minds; how can they be mentally healthy and sane? Every boy, therefore, who wishes to become good and wise must have his eyes open, and see and note things carefully and accurately; and must have his mind open, always willing to exercise his reasoning faculties and never forming hasty conclusions.

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