The kind of family you like

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The kind of family you like

I live in a small consisting of my parents and my younger sister. It is a nuclear family. Nowadays life has become very expensive. Moreover, there is accommodation problem. So nuclear family is getting popularity. I find that a nuclear family has some advantages. It is calm and quiet because there are only a few family members. I enjoy peace and happiness in a nuclear family, I need not think of others. So, I enjoy much time to do a lot of work. In a can family, I have got less duties and responsibilities than in an extended family. So, I can remain free from anxiety. I can have much free to move. In a nuclear family, especially a student enjoys much free time. Again, a nuclear family is free from noise and disturbance. So I feel very happy there. But there is no unmixed blessing in the world. Nuclear family is not without its disadvantages. One often feels very lonely and bored. If any member faces any problem, there is none to come forward to important decision because his/her decision may not be wise always. Despite some disadvantages I like nuclear family.

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