The place I live in

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The place I live in

I live in Rajshahi city. It is a medium sized town. I have been living there for the last four years. I live with my parents. My father is a government officer at Rajshahi. I live in a quarter. Rajshahi is a simple but nice city. It is not as crowded as Dhaka. The locality where I live in is also very nice. The environment is very healthy. There is no noise, rubbish or pollution there. There is not much vehicles on the road. In fact, it is a clam, quit and clean area. Drainage system, rubbish disposal and water supply is very good here. There are a lot of trees all around. So the place is also green and shady and the air is fresh communication and facilities for education are also available here. The big river Padma and Rajshahi zoo are very near from here. A big play ground and some stepped ponds are special attractions. I simply love my locality.

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