The problem of Regionalism in India

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The problem of Regionalism in India

Regionalism is the attachment towards one’s own region or state instead of to the entire country.

The people in India differ greatly from one another in respect of language and social habits. India is divided among states mainly on the basis of language. The Government of India, shortly after independence began reforming the provinces on the linguistic basis. It was expected that this would make each region or state a compact homogeneous whole, facilitate administration, and help its rapid progress, thus benefiting the country as a whole.

But the linguistic division of the country has already given rise to feelings that threaten the very unity of the motherland. Though the States of India are united under a common banner and common central government, we think of ourselves as natives of Bengal, Bihar, Assam,  Odisha, etc. first and Indian afterwards.

At times, the feeling regionalism in India gets so strong that people of one state often starts treating the people of other states at foreigners.

The Constitution of India lays down that every Indian shall enjoy equal rights in every part of the country.

Indeed the evil of Regionalism has already become so serious that fears have arisen in many quarters about the unity of the country.

People need to understand that India is a union of states. Our pride is in Unity in diversity. The problem of Regionalism is an evil. We should be tolerant and respect the people as human brother.

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