The role of our intellectuals

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The role of our intellectuals

We are very proud of our intellectuals because they played a vital role in all activities of the country. Their contribution during our war of independence will ever be remembered. Then all the intellectuals of our motherland came forward to save the country. They inspired the common people of the country to free the country from the enemies. Even many of them laid down their valuable lives for the freedom of our country. But at present the country in passing through a great crisis. Corruption, hijacking, killing, terrorism and many other antisocial activities have pervaded in every sphere of the society. The standard of education has fallen sharply. Almost all of the colleges and universities have become mini cantonments which are full of mortal weapons. The rate of unemployment is increasing day by day. This ultimately leads the young people to commit many social crimes. The economy of western culture in every sphere should be brought in. It is high time the intellectuals stood beside the common people. They should hold their per against all the irregularities of the society. They can also give a guide line to the government as well as to the whole nation to bring about a happy, peaceful and prosperous future.

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