The story of Black Taj Mahal

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The story of Black Taj Mahal

It is generally believed that Shah Jahan also had an intention to erect a black Taj Mahal, similar to the White Taj Mahal. He wanted it just opposite the present Taj Mahal on the other bank of the Yamuna. He himself wanted to be buried here after death. He also wanted to construct a huge bridge over Yamuna, made of black and white stones to cross from one Taj Mahal to another.

The evidence of such an intention on the part of Shah Jahan is the existence of the remains of a long and strong wall in Meh­tab Bagh just opposite Taj Mahal in the eastern direction. This wall is as high and strong as Taj Mahals’ existing wall on the other side of the Jamuna.

Besides this, we don’t get any other tangible proof of Shah Jahan’s intentions for a black Taj Mahal. But is quite understandable, however, that while Shah Jahan constructed a mausoleum for the queen, he must have thought of one for himself too. He must have started its construction but was soon deposed and could never fulfill this dream.

Only two years after the construction of the Taj Mahal began Shah Jahan fell seriously ill. The youngest son, Aurangzeb, put a deadly end to his brothers and captured the throne in 1659. Shah Jahan was never sympathetic towards Aurangzeb as he was to his other sons. The last days of Shah Jahan was spent as a prisoner and his dream for building a Black Taj Mahal could not be fulfilled.

However, many modern historians do not believe in the story of the Black Taj Mahal.

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