The usefulness of e – mail for students of

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The usefulness of email for students of

The world is getting so smaller and smaller with the blessing of science. Now a man from one part of the world can communicate with a person of another part of the world within a second. E-mail has made this process easier. E-mail. Communication is the latest invention in the communication system .it helps all classes of people. Students are much benefited from e-mail. But in Bangladesh this facility hasn’t reached all the students for want of computer. If the e-mail facilities can be given to all the students, they will get sufficient usefulness from it. They will be able to get important information from any library of any places both home and abroad. Then he will be able to do his library work without going to the library. The students will be able to discuss any of their difficult lessons with teachers sitting at home. He will also be able to discuss his difficult lessons with his friends. To increase general knowledge a student can communicate with the authorities of newspaper, radio and television. Besides, e- mail can help a student in his personal matters. Through e-mail he can easily contact with his friends and relatives. Thus e-mail is very useful for a student.

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