Third Carnatic War

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Third Carnatic War

The Second Carnatic War did not settle the issue between the English and the French and with the outbreak of the Seven Year’s War in 1756 AD. The war, known as the Third Carnatic War, broke between the British and the French in India too.

The English made themselves stronger by capturing Chandannagar (1757 AD) in Bengal defeating Siraj ud-daulah at the Battle of Plassey.

In 1760 AD in the Battle of Wandiwash, Sir Iyre Coote, the British general defeated the French general Count Lally. Madras, Pondicherry, Jinji, Mahe, Karaikal fell to the British. The French practically lost everything to English. In 1763 AD, the Peace of Paris concluded after the Seven Year’s War, ended the Anglo-French rivalry over the Carnatic. Though the French got back their territories as per the terms of the Treaty of Paris they were not allowed to fortify them. It brought an end to what Dupleix and France had strived for and heralded the age of British imperialism in India.

The British succeeded as the company was the private one that acted on the principle of reward and punishment. Then there was the naval supremacy and possession of a naval base in Bombay and richer trade centers like Calcutta and Madras. Moreover French generals like Dupleix, Lally and Bush were no match to Lord Clive, Lawrence and Iyre Coote.

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