Three Gunas (Trigunas) – Sattava, Rajas and Tamas essay

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Three Gunas (Trigunas) – Sattava, Rajas and Tamas

Three Gunas

The three gunas (trigunas) in Indian philosophy are Sattava, Rajas and Tamas. Generally, men are of composite characters for predominance of one quality or the other. They are each discussed below:

Sattava Guna refers to the quality of nobility. These people have harmonious thinking and engage themselves in constructive works. They have positive attitude towards various elements of life. Food plays an important role in overall mental and physical development of a person. A satvik person eats pure food. His life is balanced and remains in a state of peacefulness.

Rajas guna refers to the quality of energy and passion. This quality is neither considered good nor bad. People who have high degree of rajas guna are constantly engaged in activities. They are much attached to material things. They are self-centered people and have high desire for success. The feel very proud of their achievements. They prefer to eat fried and spicy foods.

Tamas refers to the qualities of ignorance and darkesss. Such people have negative outlook towards life. They often engage in destructive and violent behaviour. They remain in a state of dullness or inactivity.

The Indian philosophy teaches human being to move from darkness (ignorance) to light (knowledge, liberation).

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