Tomb of Adham Khan

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Tomb of Adham Khan

The Tomb of Adham Khan is Situated on a high terrace about 366 meters west of Qutb Minar, it is popularly known as the Bhul-bhullian (labyrinth).

The Adham Khan’s tomb was built by Akbar in 1562 A.D. over the remains of his wet nurse, Mahan Anga, and her son, Adham Khan, a general in the Mughal army and confidant of the emperor.

Adham Khan was killed after incurring Akbar’s displeasure following the murder of Atgah Khan, husband of Ji Ji Anga, another royal wet nurse.

From the architectural point of view, this tomb of Adham Khan is of considerable importance, for it marked the end of the Lodi Style, which had been in vogue for nearly two centuries. It is in the octagonal style and is built of grey sandstone and rubble masonry plastered. The court is also octagonal at each angle of which is a low round tower. The chamber of the Adam Khan’s Tomb is surrounded by a verandah, with three arches in each of the eight sides. The dome, crowned by a red sandstone final, is supported on a high 16-sided drum at each angle of which is a small minaret.

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