Tomb of Iltutmish

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Tomb of Iltutmish

The tomb of Iltutmish was built in 1235 A.D. It is situated just outside the north-west corner of the Quwwat-ul-Islam near the Qutb Minar.

The interior walls are decorated with elaborate the highly finished nament of great beauty. Fergusson considers the tomb to be ‘one of the richest examples of Hindu art applied to Mohammedan purpose that Old Delhi affords, and is extremely beautiful, though the builders still display a certain degree of ineptness in fitting the details to their own purposes”.

Islamic influence in apparent – squinch arches support a domical roof; there are elaborate carvings comprising religious texts executed in exquisite styles of Naskh and Kufic; there are also varied designs of arabesques and geometric drapers. Hindu influence can also be noticed as the decoration includes the typically Hindu motifs, such as the wheel-and-tassel ornaments.

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