Top 5 Ways to Conserve Energy essay

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Top 5 Ways to Conserve Energy

Conserving energy means, quite simply, using less energy. It can also be taken to mean using the energy we have more wisely.

We should all try and conserve energy as much as we can, for the good of the planet. Below, you will find 5 top tips for doing so.

Top 5 ways to conserve energy.

1. Use less electricity.

We can conserve energy by using air-heaters or air-conditioning systems only whilst we are there at home or at office. We should not leave the air-conditioning system or other temperature control systems on while we are out. Similarly, we should use the lights off during daytime and when not in use. Moreover, if we make sure that our homes are well insulated with sealants in cracks and double glazing on the windows, it will help in maintaining and ambient indoor air temperature. This will enable us to use less fuel to keep our homes warm: we will become more energy-efficient.

2. Save water.

A lot of energy goes in to the sourcing, processing and distribution of water. By using less water around the home, and above all making sure not to waste water, we will help to conserve energy. There are plenty of simple changes that we can make to save water. For instance, if we have been running the cold tap for a long time to get ice-cold drinking water, we can stop this waste by keeping a filled jar or bottle of cold water in the fridge.

3. Walk more Drive less

Cars are one of the key energy guzzlers on the planet. But why drive places when you can take public transport? Not only is it cheaper, it is better for the planet, too. And, if you can, try to walk to the shops or to work instead of driving – it will give you a little exercise into the bargain.

4. Eat wisely.

So much energy goes in to farming, harvesting, transporting and cooking food. Cut down on the energy associated with food by refusing to waste any food – eat up leftovers, and only buy as much as you are going to eat. The amount of food waste in some countries is shocking, with some people throwing away what would have been perfectly good loaves of bread or packets of meat quite simply because they had purchased too much food and did not have the ability to eat it all. Vegan diets have the lowest carbon footprints, too, followed by vegetarian diets. So, why not cut meat and eggs from your diet to save even more energy?

5. Get other people involved.

A single individual can definitely make a significant impact with their energy conservation efforts. However, it is so much better if we all work together to save energy. So, another good way is to get other people involved by participating in campaigns and education projects. If everyone in the world decided to conserve energy both in our private lives and in the workplace, we could end energy shortages and also halt climate change.


You can start applying the 5 tips above to save energy right now. It is so easy to save energy (and thus cut down on your energy bills) when you know how.


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