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Tribal Paintings of Orissa

Orissa has a rich tribal culture of painting . The paintings of various communities such as Saora, Kondh, Kissans and Juang reflects the rich cultural heritage of Orissa Tribal Paintings.

Painting of Saora Community of OrissaIn Saora community of Orissa State, the Tribal wall paintings made by them are called ‘Idital’. It is the family deity of every Saora. Saoras also draw many other tribal paintings for various purposes.

Painting of Kondh Community of OrissaAmongst Kondh community, there are various subgroups called Kutia Khonds and Dongria Kondhs. They are an artistic community. Wall paintings of Khonds are called `Manji Gunda‘. Kutia Khond paintings are very simple and these are called Tikangkuda’.

Painting of Kissans in OrissaKissans in their paintings portray samlai deity and also portray signs of agricultural activity. The paintings of Paudi Bhuyan, a tribal community, are called `Jhanjira’. They are more particular about agriculture which is reflected in a host of their paintings.

Painting of Juang CommunityWall paintings of Juang community include birds, animals, and flowers. Santhal community does not have paintings as such, but they polish the walls and verandah of their houses with colored earth.


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