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Truthfulness is a great virtue. It means the virtue of speaking what is true and real. It is one of the most important qualities of human lite. Truthfulness helps a man to achieve success and honour. The man who speaks the truth in all affairs must be respected by others. True happiness lies in the habit of speaking the truth. Truthfulness may not bring us wealth but it can bring peace in our mind. A truthful man becomes a man of good character. Truthfulness helps a man to be regular, punctual, sincere and dutiful. It makes a man responsible to the society and to the country. He possesses a strong personality. He always remains strict is his morality. He never fears to speak what is true and just. He gets the high position in the society and he is honoured by even his enemies. All the great men were truthful in their speech. This habit helped them to be great. A truthful person is an asset of our society. So, we always should be truthful even in danger.

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