Types of animals based on food habits

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Types of animals based on food habits


Animals are one of the most important biotic component of the environment. There are about lakhs of species of animals on this earth. Among the vertebrates are the man, cow, horse, fish, reptiles, etc.

None of the members of this vast animal world can manufacture food by utilizing the solar energy. They have to depend on plants for food directly or indirectly. They are called heterotrophs.

Types of animals based on food habits

Mostly the animals are either herbivorous or carnivorous or omnivorous.

The herbivorous animals take only plants and/or plant products of their food.

The carnivorous animals, such as, tiger, lion, crocodile, etc. live on only flesh.

The omnivorous animals are those which live on both plants and animals.

The carnivorous animals usually take herbivorous animals as their food and as such, they depend on plants indirectly.

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