Types of Coal Found in India

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Types of Coal Found in India

Types of Coal Found in India

Coal is mixture of various hydrocarbons. The value of coal depends on the concentration of carbon in its composition.

The varieties of Coal that are generally found in India are Anthracite, Bituminous, Lignite, and Peat.

Anthracite Coal ranks highest amongst the coals. Unlike bituminous coal anthracite ignites slowly and has a high heating value.

Bituminous Coal is commercial coal. It is used as steam coal, household coal, coking coal, gas coal, etc. It is to be washed in a washery in order to reduce the sulphur and ash contents.

Lignite is also inferior in calorific value. One tone of Gondwana coal is equivalent to about two tones of lignite.

Peat has got no fuel value practically. It has the least combustible matter. It is the first stage in the development of coal.

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