Types of Socialization

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Types of Socialization

The socialization that man encounters in his life is broadly classified into four types. These are:

  1. Primary socialization,
  2. Anticipatory socialization,
  3. Developmental socialization and
  4. Re-socialization.

A brief description of these types is placed below:

Primary socialization

Primary socialization teaches language and cognitive (faculty of knowing) skills such as memory and other intellectual capacities, including internationalization of cultural norms and values.

Primary Socialization is a basic learning that man acquires in the early years of his life.

Anticipatory socialization

Anticipatory socialization is the second stage of socialization in which man is taught and directed towards his future roles.

A child playing at house is said to be involved into anticipatory socialization. Much of the socialization in the school anticipates the pupils’ roles in their occupational careers. Training in education, business, and industry or even in armed forces has the same intent.

Development socialization

It is the third stage of socialization and is built on already acquired skills and knowledge at primary and anticipatory socialization. It reflects the adult progress through new situations. Such as marriage or new jobs and other expectations in life. New (high thinking) is added in his personality making life smooth and continuous process of development.


It means re-establishing socialization due to isolation break from the previous background. Re-socialization occurs in prisons in the army ‘boot camp.”

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