Uses of Coal in India

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Uses of Coal in India

Coal is called ‘Black Diamond’. Coal has the added advantage of its possible conversion to gas, electricity and even oil. Its major uses in India can be described under five heads such as:

  1. Thermal Electric Power,
  2. Steam Power,
  3. Metallurgical Coke,
  4. Domestic Fuel, and,
  5. Chemical Industry.

Coal has been recognized as Backbone of  the energy resources in India. The energy requirements of India are being met to a large extent by generation of thermal; electricity based on coal and lignite.

In India coal is also used for steam raising, for metallurgical purposes, in prickliness, Cement works, for gas manufacture and for domestic cooking fuel.

The by-products of coal are many such as Gas, Benzole, Dyes, Pitch, Creosote oil, Nylon, Sulphuric Acid, Carbolic Acid, Sulphate of Ammonia, Aspirin, Tanning, Disinfectants, Adhesives, Explosives, Ammonia Liquor, Naphthalene oil, etc. they provide a number of raw materials for the chemical industry.

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