Uses of Mineral Oil

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Uses of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil, serves as a fuel, a lubricant, an illuminant and a raw material for a wide range of industries.

The byproducts of Mineral Oil are many and used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and many other industries. It is the feed-stock for number of useful petro-chemicals. They are of great uses of mankind.

A number of useful products and by-products are obtained at the time of refining the crude oil. They are Petrol, Gasoline, Diesel, PVC, Acetic acid, Polystyrene, Glycols, Phenols, Rubber, Lubricating Oil, Kerosene, Naptha, Benzene, Paraffin, Vaseline, Tar, etc.

Petrol/Gasoline and diesel are used to drive vehicles. Nowadays boilers and furnaces use fuel oil and natural gas instead of coal. Kerosene is widely used for lighting, heating and cooking. Some of the petroleum-derived gases, especially propane and butane are popular domestic fuel. Lubricants and greases are the processed products of mineral oil. Asphalt, pitch or tars are used for road surfacing, Petroleum wax for making candles and so on. So petroleum is called ‘Liquid gold’.

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