Visit national mausoleum

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Visit national mausoleum

On the occasion of Independence Day I went to the national mausoleum situated at saver by BRTC bus in order to pay a visit. I saw a series of seven towers. The most moving sight of the complex is the several graves of the martyred freedom fighters. Standing in front of the graves I bowed down my head in deep respect. I spent several hours there. The national mausoleum reminded me of the supreme sacrifice of the martyrs who out of their deep unalloyed patriotic love sacrificed their lives on the altar of patriotism in order to Snatch away the red rose of independence from the cruel from the cruel claws of the then Pakistani-occupationist force. It also reminded me of the overthrow of oppression and finally the triumph of justice. What impressed me much was the seven towering towers though built of concrete-symbolize the oceanic blood of the heroic souls.

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