Visit to Tajmahal

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Visit to Tajmahal

During the last autumn vacation. I paid a visit to the Tajmahal. I was impressed to see its beauty. Emperor Shahjahan had a deep and pure love for his dear wife mumtaz. Mumtaz passed away from the word. Shahjahan was overwhelmed with grief at the death of his beloved wife. He wanted to immortalize his wife’s memory. So his ardent love for his wife prompted him to build such an expensive building. It is made of fine white marble with inlays of colored marble. It has eight sides and many open arches. It rests on a platform or terrace of red sandstone. It has four slender white towers rising from the corners of the terrace. It has a large dome above the center of the building. The taj mahal is surrounded by a beautiful garden and there is along pool that stretches out in front of the building. One can see the beauty of the taj mahal in its reflection in the pool water. Visitors look at different times. Most people like it best it best on moonlit nights.

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