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Visitors are those who visit their near and dear sons. Some visitors Visited Anwar’s house to meet his father. His father was not at home then. The visitors were seated in the living room. Anwar’s mother told him to have company with them until his father came. Suddenly Anwar felt embarrassed and shy, all his father’s visitors were adults in compared to Anwar. Anwar felt he had to say something interesting. He thought that many interesting things were talked in his school. He smiled at the visitors buyout he felt confused. He felts strange and couldn’t hinge of anything to say. So he said nothing. After a few minutes, his parents returned and Anwar was able to relax again. Nobody looked at him anymore and he could enjoy himself. Now he felt neither embarrassed nor shy, Anwar wanted to discuss his feelings with his mother some time. Because he still file confused about them.

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