Voting: Its Meaning and Importance Meaning:

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Voting: Its Meaning and Importance


Voting refers to the right to vote for the purpose of electing a candidate. The citizens of any democratic country enjoy the privilege of voting rights and this should not go wasted.

Electing government representatives is an important task for every citizen of a democratic country. The government is set up for the proper functioning of country and should always uphold the betterment of its citizens.

When citizens vote, they get to have a say in the formation of their country`s law making body and thus they indirectly participate in law making themselves. Elective rights should be taken seriously. Citizens who take their citizenship for granted and do not cast their vote, are said to the irresponsible citizens of the country. Voting is for public involvement in creating their country`s government. In democracy, public welfare is also indirectly decided by the public itself.

People should eagerly wait for coming of age, so that they get to vote. Such should be the attitude among democratic citizens. Failing to vote is failing to live up to the country`s expectations. Citizens who do not cast their electoral vote, but always criticize the government, are imbeciles. A country`s fate can be decided by its citizens through their right to vote.

Voting rights if not utilized, make the very word ‘democracy” useless. The voting power is a great power, which is bestowed upon citizens of a democratic country. Eligible voters who do not vote do not realize the importance of this power, which people in non-democratic nations crave to earn.

Voting gives voice to every citizen and makes them an important asset of a country. Their decisions and choices decide the fate of their country. The importance of voting need to be realized by every citizen, so that they ritually follow their responsibilities towards their country.

Importance of Voting

  1. Human right: Voting right is a basic human right for all citizens living in a democratic nation. People have fought for this right for many years and earned it. This should be respected and the right should be availed at any cost. If we fail to vote, we disrespect our entire system.
  1. Choice: Voting gives us the right to voice out our choice. We get to pick and choose our government and its representatives. This choice should be made wisely. This is an important decision which should be unbiased and should be done after thinking of the greater good of the country. Short-term advantages should not be looked at and long term benefits should be focused on, before making the choice. Voting is basically asking our preference and we should prefer the best, which is right for our country and its citizens.
  1. Responsibility: We should vote responsibly since the country`s future lies in our decision. Electing the right candidate who is not corrupt and will not exploit his or her power, is very much important. Electing the wrong candidates without proper survey and research will wreak havoc and will take the development of our country downhill.
  1. Involvement: Voting system ensures the involvement of every adult citizen in forming any administrative body. No leader can be elected autonomously without our majority voting. This sense of involvement should be treated with pride. The dutiful execution of casting our votes lies in our hands. No one will force us to vote, it is us who have to take the initiative and involve ourselves in our administrative system.
  1. Empowerment: Voting gives a sense of empowerment to every individual. The very act of voting is empowerment personified. Also, to know that our opinion counts for the future of our country, is a different sense of accomplishment altogether. Educated or uneducated, every vote counts.
  1. Prevent electoral fraud: If we do not cast our vote, corrupt officials might choose to impersonate our votes illegally. This is a type of electoral fraud, which we will indirectly encourage if we choose to ignore the voting system. This is completely wrong since corruption will win and all the responsible citizens who actually voted, their majority will go in vain. Thus, to prevent frauds like this, we should make sure that we never miss to cast our vote.
  1. Administrative operation: Governmental policies and operations impact every sphere of our lives. From healthcare to education, everything is at the mercy of governmental policies. Thus, to ensure that the government functions for the people, it is elected by the people. We should never let go of this privilege for our own sake. By voting, we put forward our valuable opinion as to how the government should operate. This can only be a reality if we vote for an ideal leader from an efficient political party.

Conclusion:  People in urban areas tend to take things lightly when it comes to voting. Since not casting your vote does not seem to cause any immediate or visible harm, its long-term latent consequences are casually ignored. It is important for everyone to realize the advantages of voting and the disadvantages of not voting. Only then will people take their voting right in all the seriousness that it deserves. Voting is essential and is a trait of a responsible and proud citizen of any country.

– Purbita

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