War against Illiteracy

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War against Illiteracy

Illiteracy is both a social and national problem. A person who is illiterate is, for the obvious reason, a victim to this evil.

Literacy holds the beacon light in the dark-some ravines of life. It may not be an overstatement to say that literacy lies at the very root of progress itself. Literacy makes a man learned and enlightened; and the learning in various disciplines of knowledge mastermind progress.

Illiteracy is to be eradicated with honest endeavors to sustain and accelerate the tempo of progress in the society of man.

The progress in different walks of life is simply spectacular in the world today. Technology has been spelling newer and newer wonder to the bewilderment of man. In spite of this reality a vast multitude has still been groping in the dark of illiteracy in the world today. The U.N.O. has, so far, taken a number of programs in the direction of removing illiteracy from among the backward classes of people in the world.

Now, efforts are afoot to fight illiteracy. Various schemes and programs have been taken up with seriousness. In India, the war against illiteracy is no longer confined to words and sounds alone; the efforts have, indeed, created an atmosphere.

  • The teachers of colleges and schools with the tacit support of some organizations have launched war against illiteracy.
  • The students too, are not sitting idle in such noble endeavors.
  • The Panchayats in the state have been doing the remarkable job in fighting illiteracy.
  • Moreover, free food and books are being offered to the students, so that the poor boys and girls may not be in difficulty in sticking to their lessons.

The efforts and tasks, now in progress, look really good. One has every reason to be optimistic at it. But the fact remains that the success of the schemes, enumerated above, entirely depends upon the honesty in endeavors; and if such honesty can be guaranteed in deeds, will surely overcome the problem of illiteracy.

If we want Free India to march forward we must see that all her children are educated in the true sense of the term. It is only then that they will develop into ideal citizens devoted to the service of the Motherland.

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