Waste management

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Waste management

Waste or rubbish is what we throw away every day. It includes everything from unwanted old cars to cigarette packets. As the amount of waste is growing rapidly all over the world and polluting the environment, the time has come to think about it very seriously. We cannot altogether get rid of our waste, but a proper management of it can certainly reduce it. If we think of burning management of it can certainly reduce it. If we think of burning, burying. Recycling and thus reducing our waste, we can use save our environment to a large extent. We can use some waste as fuel. We can use vegetable waste to make compost to improve our soil. In many countries it is now quite normal to collect old bottle and cans and recycle them. More and more companies should come forward to promote greater recycling and changes in consumption patterns to reduce the amount of rubbish and help people to save the environment .a proverb goes that a stitch in time saves nine. So we should do the right thing at the right moment because timely action brings for us great success and saves us from a lot of troubles. Moreover, we know prevention is better than cure. So it is high time to take proper steps and necessary measure to raise awareness about the problem of waste management.

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