What are the advantages of Reading Newspaper?

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What are the advantages of Reading Newspaper?

A newspaper gives you news. You feel hungry for news and a newspaper offers you dishes of news every day for reading.

A press is like a beehive. Like bees, thousands of men and women move about from place to place. They collect materials and turn them into news. This news is a kind of honey. It is so sweet and useful.

Reading Newspaper is one of the cheapest means of acquiring information and knowledge.

NEWS stand for all the four directions such as North, East, West and South. They must bring news and information from all the four directions even at the cost of their lives. What a hard life but how useful!

But this is not all. A newspaper gives news about films, books, sports and markets, too.

It publishes court notices and advertisements as well.

The Sunday issue of a newspaper gives us fine essays, stories and, above all, a lot of wit and humor.

No branch of life remains untouched. It satisfies every kind of taste. The net of a newspaper catches all kinds of fish.

What a wide variety of interest! How welcome they all are! Nothing else can give us so much, and nothing else can be so cheap.

What a cheap life a newspaper has! You read it and throw it away at once. Then it lies dead in some corner. You don’t care for it at all.

What a short life it has! The life of a newspaper is like the life of a lily. A lily has a very short life. But its beauty does charm the world for some time.

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