What are the Benefits of Eating a Healthy Breakfast? – 9 Points

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What are the Benefits of Eating a Healthy Breakfast? – 9 Points

When we retire to bed at night, our bodies break down the food we last ate to keep the body functions running. Upon waking up, our bodies are deprived of energy.

Taking breakfast refills the lost energy and fills our bodies with other vital nutrients to keep us healthy throughout the day.

Basically, a healthy breakfast should consist of about 25% proteins and carbohydrates and about 50% vegetables/ fruits.The following reasons outline the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast.

1. Taking breakfast will help you stay happy the whole day.
It is normal for one to feel cranky in the morning. Maybe you don’t feel like waking up, or you have some hangovers. But also, missing breakfast makes you starve and you may end up being an unapproachable person at work or even at school. Eating breakfast helps you deal with the morning crankiness and stress and hence brings happiness.

2. Breakfast fills your body with nutrients and vitamins.
Kick-starting your day with a yummy meal of fruits, milk, yogurt or whole-grain bread provides your body with vitamins and other nutrients.

3. It increases a child’s aptitude for studying.
The brain is most active in the morning and therefore a student who eats a healthy breakfast has an improved concentration and mental performance. They are very attentive in class; thus they tend to perform better than those who miss breakfast.

4. Boosts metabolic functions of the body.
Metabolism is slowed down during sleep. Kick-starting your day with a healthy breakfast helps improve how you metabolize blood sugar or glucose throughout the day. Starving yourself in the morning could be harmful.

5. A healthy breakfast helps you shade off some weight.
As counter-intuitive as this may seem, eating a healthy breakfast can help you maintain or lose weight. Failing to eat breakfast will make you snack all day and overeating at lunch and dinner can result in weight gain. Taking breakfast keeps you full longer and you will snack less.

6. A healthy breakfast makes you healthy.
Eating breakfast minimizes chances of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other heart diseases because it reduces fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels.

7. It rejuvenates your energy.
Having breakfast replenishes the glycogen stores which supply body muscles with energy. Your body gets refueled thus increasing physical activity for the day ahead.

8. A healthy breakfast sharpens one’s focus.
Going to class or work on an empty stomach decreases focus. Imagine a rumbling stomach while in a lecture room or a meeting. You will probably shift your focus from whatever you are doing to a bowl of delicious meal. Having breakfast enables you to remain focused and productive till it is time to eat again.

9. Allows you to plan your meals properly.
Taking breakfast gives you the discipline to plan your meals for the rest of the day. It will prevent you from snacking unnecessarily hence you eat healthily and at the same time cut on food costs and wastage.

Leaving your home without breakfast is not advisable. If you were late for work, make arrangements on how you can have breakfast delivered to you. Live a healthy life by taking your breakfast always.

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