What are the Characteristics of a True Patriot?

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What are the Characteristics of a True Patriot?

It is not only on the field of battle, in defending his country, that a true patriot finds work for his hands. The well-being of his fellow citizens, their happiness, their material, and moral progress, their spiritual salvation – these are dearer to him than his own personal comforts and advantages.

At home, therefore, he labors day and night to lighten the load of poverty of those around him, to lessen their pain of weakness and suffering.

A patriot does not seek to make his fellow citizens in every way like himself. He does not quarrel with his neighbor over petty differences. It is enough that the other is a fellow citizen of his to entitle that other to his regard and goodwill.

A true patriot, therefore, regards every fellow citizen of his as his brother or sister. Jesus Christ, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’, for only such love can make us truly happy.

A true patriot is loyal to the core. His gratitude to the sovereign is great and real. However, loyalty is something more than gratitude. It is love to the person and throne of the sovereign.

It is an expansion of that love, reverence, and obedience, which we cherish and render to the head of our family. ‘The king is the father of his people’ is a very old and beautiful saying.

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