What are the duties of a student?

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What are the duties of a student?

The natural duty of a student is to think and look forward and to read in proper way so that he can be a good citizen of a country and becomes a grown up man.

But when a student enters into the hard life of earning money he thinks that the best days of his life was the student life. He has spent the years in the schools and also in the colleges with the glorious days of his memory.

As such it can be said that those days are the best days of his life. In those olden days students are mainly asked to devote all his valuable time only in study but this theory does not work at present. He is to study and also to participate in domestic works. Sometime he is to involve in the politics of the colleges. At the last time he proves himself a bad boy who cannot do a work completely.

Today’s students are ordered to participate in different school activities. He is to play in the school. He is to do the social and cultural works of the school at the same time. There are different sort of competition which usually tend to put a student in tension.

A student must complete his education at any cost. At present day a modern student is required to be ambitious and also to engage himself in more efforts. He must needed extra tenacity of his own to face the coming problems. He is to do a lot to fulfill his duties and ambition.

The duties of a student includes the following:

  • They should learn the day’s lessons beforehand at home.
  • They must do their exercises themselves.
  • They must keep the books clean.
  • They must go to school in time.
  • They must be obedient and loving towards their parents.
  • They should not tell lies.
  • They should be quite attentive in the classroom.
  • They should cheerfully obey your teacher.
  • They should play fair on the playground.

All these, then, are the duties of a student.

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