What are the Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Climate Change?

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What are the Effects of Greenhouse Gases on Climate Change?

Greenhouse gases causes the climate to change unnaturally. The most obvious effect of Greenhouse gases on climate is the greenhouse effect. It turns the earth’s atmosphere into what is in effect a giant greenhouse, warming up the earth.

Greenhouse gases come in many forms. Key greenhouse gases include nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, however there are other examples.

Below, you will find 10 ways in which greenhouse gases affect climate change. So, read on to find out all about this.

What are the effects of greenhouse gases on climate change?

  1. Changes in the atmosphere: these gases create a thick layer in the earth’s atmosphere.
  2. Trapping the sun: the sun’s rays become trapped within the atmosphere as a result of this layer of gases.
  3. Warming up the atmosphere: due to the trapped heat from the sun. This is the ‘greenhouse effect’.
  4. Warming up the oceans: flooding is a key form of climate change.
  5. Melting polar ice caps: due to the greenhouse effect.
  6. Hotter weather: the weather in the earth overall gets warmer.
  7. Unpredictable weather: the greenhouse effect also causes freak weather patterns.
  8. Increased desertification: due to a hotter climate.
  9. Forest fires: again, due to a hotter climate.
  10. Acidic oceans: resulting in diminishing biodiversity.

Conclusion: We must all act now to stop climate change.

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