What are the Harmful Effects of Smoking?

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What are the Harmful Effects of Smoking?

Harmful Effects of Smoking

Smoking is harmful and has got number of side-effects. Smoking is responsible for a peculiar type of persistent cough, quick exhaustion, long standing bronchitis and emphysema of the lungs.

The memory power decreases, blood pressure rises, there may be sudden death mostly in young people from heart attack.

There is the risk of cancer of the mouth, lungs, larynx, esophagus, pancreas and bladder.

Pregnant mother having the habit of smoking may deliver a child with low birth weight and there is possibility of death of the child either before or just after birth.

Passive smoking of parents may produce pneumonia, bronchitis or asthma in the children.

Bidi or any other forms of tobacco such as khaini, zarda, snuff, etc. are also harmful.

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