What is Anthrax

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What is Anthrax

Anthrax is a bacterial disease of graminivorous animal. The name of the bacteria is bacillus Anthrasis. Robert coke, a Grumman scientist and physician, discovered the bacteria in 1876. Animals living on grass like cow, goat, ewe, Horse etc. are directly attacked by this bacteria. The infected animal suffers from extreme fever. Severely infected animal dies within 24 to 48 hours. Cattle flesh is not the only way of anthrax attack. Human and sound animal are attacked by the saliva, blood, flesh, fur or stain of the sick animal. The bacteria attacks although three ways. Food, breath and skin are the ways. Three kinds of Anthrax are seen. These are skin Anthrax, lungs Anthrax and stomach anthrax. Last two are of the extreme level. Lungs and stomach anthrax is hardly found. Anthrax on skin results in pimple and bleeding of different parts of the body. Proper medicine can easily cure this. Anthrax is not a fatal disease. Lui pastor discovered the vaccine of anthrax in 1881. It is hundred percent curable. More over anthrax do not spread from man to man. So we should not be scarred of anthrax. The government has taken necessary steps to protect anthrax. Huge vaccination program has been taken. If the cattle are sound, we can eat the meat without hesitation. Moreover we should be careful too. We should cook the meat with proper heat.

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