What is Democratic Decentralization?

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What is Democratic Decentralization?

Democratic Decentralization

Democratic decentralization is a political concept. Through democratic decentralization, process power is spread from the top to bottom. The aim of such decentralization is to expand the field of authority and specialization and to enable the people to make more and more participation in politics and administrative affairs.

To achieve these objectives, new institutions are created and the old and existing institutions are reorganized or remodeled and reformed.

The main purpose of democratic decentralization, however, is to bring fundamental changes in the traditional outlook about the power structure of the government. Thus, democratic decentralization means decentralization of power. The source from which this power is decentralized is based on the democratic structure and hence, such decentralization is called democratic decentralization.

Moreover, the authority on which the power is to be delegated is also organized democratically.

Through this democratic decentralization, a relation of closeness and co-operation is created between the government administrative system and the non-governmental leadership and controlled.

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