What is Humility?

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What is Humility?

Humility is that quality of mind that helps one to mix with others freely irrespective of their social standing. The quality of humility is to be acquired by a judicial and rational development of mind.

Humility is of supreme importance in every walk of our life. A family, society or a nation is composed of different men with different outlooks. So, unless the members of a society try to live in peace and harmony by paying due respect to each other, the people would certainly be divided amongst themselves in groups.

Humility is a noble quality that can bring about understanding and cooperation amongst the people.

Absence of humility has done a lot of harm to mankind. The great conquerors with no sense of humility have remained infamous in history.

Many outstanding disputes between different powers could be solved if the warring nations show a sense of humility to make this world a place worth living.

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