What is Real Happiness?

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What is Real Happiness?

Happiness is a state of the mind. Real happiness is a kind of mental satisfaction. A kid gets happy when he gets a plaything. A scientist gets happy when he discovers something new. A writer becomes contented when he is able to put across his feeling to his readers.

The basic element of happiness is desire or want. A passive mind that does not react to the experiences of life feels no happiness either. Even sorrow is an element of happiness. It may sound like a contradiction. But persons who experience sorrows in life also have desire. They are not colorless like the passive soul.

Real happiness springs from noble desires and intentions. Human intelligence can work both ways. A cheat also can obtain his desired object by applying his intelligence. But that brings in its wake a kind of tension for the mind. But a noble desire being achieved, it brings to the mind quiet and healthy satisfaction. It is a kind of contentment that is true or real happiness.

Real happiness is purity of desire or pursuit. Here the epithet ‘real’ implies lasting and durable.

Spiritual happiness is also a kind of joy of the super mind. It is concerned with something that is on a higher plane than mere intelligence. The great sages, poets as well as scientists like Einstein lived in a state of spiritual happiness.

Real Happiness brings order to a disturbed mind. The beauty of a ‘happy’ soul is a fine balance in which it lives. It prevents the revolt of the senses and keeps them in perfect harmony. It is noticeable in all the categories of human being, whether it is in politics, art, literature or social reforms. It shall be a vain effort to seek it in pride, love of wealth or ambition. The latter are pleasures of the senses, whereas real happiness is a virtue of the mind.

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