What is Secularism?

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What is Secularism?


What is Secularism? According to Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Secularism means ‘belief that morality, education, etc. should not be based on religion’.

Secularism therefore develops in a person an attitude which is indifferent to religious truth. A secular person does not owe his moral values to any religion. His values are the product of his rational and scientific thinking. He looks upon a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian simply as a man. A secular person follows a new brand of religion which we call Humanism.

Secularism in India: India is a democratic country. Secularism is the corner stone of democracy. Secularism is, therefore, the fundamental feature of Indian constitution. Accordingly, the state power does not interfere with the religious activities of an individual, nor does it allow him or her to do so. The state power itself, therefore, has got to be secular in its attitude. ‘Under our constitution, no party or organization can simultaneously be a political party and a religious party’ (Supreme Court Verdict).

How we should practice secularism? We all must practice secularism for peaceful co-existence. But unfortunately a great number of people of India are illiterate and illiteracy begets blind faith and superstition. It is difficult to root out all these evils overnight. It is only rapid spread of mass education that can help people develop secular outlook.

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