What is Self-Help?

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What is Self-Help?

Self-help means doing one’s own work oneself. There is no doubt that in today’s society men are inter-dependent. We do not produce our crops, make our clothes and build our houses ourselves. We buy these necessary things from market, made by others for us.

But we can prepare our food, cleanse our houses and wash our clothes ourselves. People who depend upon others for everything gradually start losing their mental strength and physical power.

Moreover, doing our own work ourselves, we have a satisfaction. The clothes we wash and iron ourselves, may not seem to be perfectly done like professional washer-men, but this work gives us immense pleasure that we have done the work. The fruits of own labor are the sweetest of all.

Self-help gives confidence, develops the faculties, and emboldens character. So, it is wiser to give hope, strength, courage and inspiration than money.

It is important to give a hungry man a piece of bread, but it is more important to give him advice how to earn his own bread.

Children should not be given direct help by the parents, but he advised to arrange their own clothes and books. Life is full of struggle and it is important to cultivate the habit of self-help from the childhood.

Some people are so lazy that they do not like to do their own work. They depend on others’ help in all cases. This is not a good habit.

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