What is Superstition?

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What is Superstition?

Superstition is a kind of blind faith. We believe in something without any reason. Religion, too, means faith in God. But this faith is based upon love and respect for God. Superstition, however, is based upon fear and ignorance. So, religion gives light to our mind and soul. But superstitions produce only darkness and we move about like blind men and women. This means that superstition is just opposite to religion. Superstition means lack of faith in God. You believe that a star will harm you. Who can harm you if you have full faith in God? Is not your superstition a product of your ignorance? Does it not also prove that you have no faith in you’d kind Father?

Even educated persons fall victims to some superstition or the other. In England, thirteen persons will never sit together. Nobody will stay in room No. 13 Why? Such superstitions are found everywhere. Who does not believe in magic and fortune-telling? How many of us do not believe in the power of evil spirits?

All these superstitions have no basis. But we still believe in them and are even guided by them. We cannot get rid of them, because they have become a part of our lives. We are all like modern types of slaves. Our mind does not work. Science has killed all these superstitions. But our habit gives them a new life every day. How sad that we do not try to come out of darkness into light?

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