What is the Meaning of Dreams?

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What is the Meaning of Dreams?

What is a dream? Broadly, a dream is the set of images that we see whilst we sleep. These images often make a narrative or a story. A dream usually has positive, even magical connotations. A dream that involves negative elements can be called a ‘nightmare’.

The deeper significance of dreams: Some people believe that, if decoded, our dreams can reveal things about the deep mysteries of life.

Influenced by everyday life: Very often, it seems that our dreams are influenced by things that we saw during the day.

Relationship to memories: Our dreams can bring back memories for us, particularly if they are strong or emotional memories.

Some views about dreams: There are many views about dreams and what they can do. For example, people have argued that dreams are:

  • Our mind’s way of making sense of the previous day.
  • A way of dealing with powerful memories.
  • A random collection of images that do not really mean anything but a fun to experience.
  • A deep connection with ancient symbols.

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