What is the meaning of Relationship?

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What is the meaning of a Relationship?

A relationship is a way in which two or more people behave, talk, view or interact with each other. It is the way in which two or more people are connected. Relationships fall in different categories and a person can be in more than one relationship at a time.

Couples: This is a relationship between two people who are either married, engaged or romantically involved. It basically means two people paired together.

Friends: You have a relationship of mutual affection and support with your friend. It is exclusive of sexual or family relations. It is a person that you enjoy being around and who supports you in one way or another.

Professional relationship: This one that involves people who are working together. The relationship between a boss and his subordinates as well as staff members in a working environment. This relationship basically has to do with work matters.

International relations: This is a relationship between two or more countries. It majorly has to do with political, economic and social issues among countries.

National relationship: This is the interaction between people of one nation. It is the sense of nationality in one country between all tribes, religions and political stands. Each person in the world belongs to a nationality.

Human relations: In one way or another all human beings are brothers or sisters, be it distant or close. We are all related to each other in one way or another. Human beings exist together because they relate to each other.

Relationship with nature: Nature is what surrounds us. The air, plants, animals and all living and non-living things. How we relate with nature means what we do to protect it from things such as pollution.

Relationship with animals: Human and animals relate in terms of having pets such as dogs, cats, horses and much more. For wild animals the relationship is restricted and we only see them as tourism attractions. Conservation measures are put in place to stop human-wildlife conflict.

Conclusion: We all relate in one way or another. Relationships are good for interaction and getting to know each other. Every relationship has its own benefits. We learn more by interacting together.

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