What is the Meaning of Unity? Why is it Important?

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What is the Meaning of Unity? Why is it Important?

Meaning: Unity means the quality in individuals to do some work as a unit without jeopardizing the individual interest in any way as far as the result of the work is concerned.

Unity refers to the state of being united or together. It is the feeling of oneness, togetherness, harmony, for common goal. It is a kind of co-operation or harmony for a common cause.

Unity refers to a situation where many people join together to do a much bigger work, and collectively put forth their energy to achieve that.

Why is Unity Important?

Strength, practically speaking, underlies unity, and whenever people act in unison with one another their strength increases thousand-fold.

The importance of unity can never be overrated. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean and little drops of sand make this vast world. The thin fibers of jute or flax, when twisted together into a rope, can control a mad elephant. These are instances of the benefits of unity.

Unity pays in every sphere of human activities: The fable of the farmer and his quarrelsome sons will illustrate the point very clearly. The farmer asked them to break a bundle of sticks. None of them could do it; but each of them could easily break the sticks when the bundle was untied. The old man thus drove home to them the unique importance of living united and the danger of living divided. He then explained to them the inherent strength of unity, which would protect them against, any harm from outside. Thus, it is self-evident that unity pays in every sphere of human activities whereas disunity is liable to lead us to rack and ruin.

Unity in a nation: The importance of unity in a nation can never be over-estimated. The edifice of a nation, to say the least about the usefulness of unity, cannot stand unless there is a sense of unity at bottom. To speak the truth, society is a unit of a nation, and when there is essential unity in the organization of a well-ordered society, it will undoubtedly contribute to the organic unity of the nation of which it is an indivisible part.


From what precedes it is found that unity reigns supreme in every walk of our life. No great achievement in this world could be possible without unity. Therefore, it is our bounden duty to cultivate the habit, doing things united from our very boyhood, and to impress its unique importance on all others about us as well.

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