What is the Population of India?

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What is the Population of India?

According to the 2016 population report by the United Nations, India’s population stands at about 1.3 billion (source: Wikipedia).

The population count of 1.3 billion people makes India world’s second most populated country (China is only narrowly ahead of India). India’s population continues to grow rapidly: it has more than doubled in the past 50 years.

Population growth: It is estimated that around 1600, India’s population was nearly 100 million and with a static growth until the latter parts of the 19th century. The country’s first census was conducted in the year 1881, and the results showed that the nation had about 255 million people. It is projected that India will be the most populous nation in the world by 2022, overtaking China.

Population composition: About 50% of India’s population is made up of people below the age of 25 and nearly 65% under the age of 35. By the year 2020, the average age of the population is estimated to be 29 years. The male population in the country is higher than the female population.

Most populated citiesThe most populated city in India is Mumbai with a population estimate of 12.4 million. Delhi comes in second with 11 million, Bengaluru with 8.4 million, and Hyderabad with 6.8 million.

Religion: Hinduism practiced by 79% of the population followed by Isalm at 14.2%, Christianity at 2.3%, Sikhism at 1.7%, Buddhism at 0.7%, Jainism at 0.3%, and the rest at 0.9%.

Linguistic demographicsHindi is spoken by about 41% of Indians. Other languages spoken in the country are Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Assamese among others.

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