What is the Role of English Language in India?

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What is the Role of the English Language in India?

India’s long association with English language has benefited the people in many ways. English language has enriched the Indian language and culture and has broadened our outlook on life.

India is a sub-continent inhabited by diverse people. The mother tongue of one state is Greek or Latin to another. Under such circumstances, English acts as the ‘lingua franca’. Thus, English has directly helped India to achieve unity in diversity.

The role and importance of English language in Modern India cannot be denied. India has been moving towards progress in this age of science. Many of the books on higher study on science, technology, engineering, medicine, etc. are either written in or translated into English. The sound knowledge of English helps a student in his studies.

Knowledge of English promotes the specialized study of literature and philosophy. The charms of Shakespeare and Milton can alone be appreciated in their original works written in English. The copiousness of English vocabulary stands unrivaled in the world.

English is capable of translating into it the exact mood and sentiment of different writers reflected in their respective languages. Thus, with the knowledge of English one can make a sojourn in the different literatures of the world. This is the age of specialization; and one is to visit foreign lands, often, for this purpose. Without the knowledge of English such opportunities can never be reaped.

India is now independent. India is famous in history for her liberal philosophy. She has given to the world what are good in her; and she has generously accepted from others what are good in them. Moreover, English is no longer the language of the English people of England alone. It has been universally recognized as the international language. Hence, India may retain English permanently without any prejudice.

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