What is the True Meaning of Life?

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What is the True Meaning of Life?

Life refers to the state of being alive. Life can also refer to human life. Here, life refers to the kind of narrative or whole that our life span creates.

True means ‘real’ or ‘correct’. So, the true meaning of life means the real significance of human existence.

There are so many different perspectives on the true meaning of life. Below are some common ideas about the true meaning of life.

  • Kindness: to be kind to others gives life purpose.
  • Love: experiencing love gives life meaning.
  • Spirituality: some people find that a spiritual dimension to life adds to its significance.
  • Knowledge: accumulating knowledge can be said to be fundamental to life’s significance.
  • Improvement: improving the world adds meaning to life.
  • Happiness: being happy may, quite simply, be life’s true goal.

We may conclude in the word of H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama, ‘If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life”.


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