What is Verbal Communication? Why is it Important?

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What is Verbal Communication? Why is it Important?

Verbal communication means communicating with spoken words. Verbal communication also involves listening to the words of the people we are communicating with and taking them into account.

Why is verbal communication important?

Verbal communication enables us to interact with people around us. It lets us make our thoughts and opinions heard and enables us to hear those of others.

Giving comfort. Our tone of voice is integral to verbal communication. This is something that it is very hard to convey in writing. A gentle, kind tone of voice is great for comforting someone. So, if you have a friend in need, why not pick up the phone to talk to them?

Social contexts. There is nothing like a face to face chat for making friends or sharing a joke with other people.

Conclusion. Verbal communication is important because it has a certain intimacy and authenticity to it that we cannot always convey in writing, or by other means of communication.

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