When is Father’s Day in India?

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When is Father’s Day in India?

In India, the father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. Many countries in the world also celebrate Father’s Day on this same day. 

In India, the Father’s Day of 2017 will fall on 18th June, 2017 (Sunday). A brief detail of how this day is celebrated in India is given below:

Father’s day  is celebrated by a significant number of educated people and  people who live in urban areas. In recent years, the festival has gained significant popularity in major cities of India such as Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and among others.

Father’s Day is a day marked to appreciate fathers, fatherhood, male guardians, and the parental bonds that come with that. The father’s day in is celebrated through many ways: These include the following:

  • Showing love as well as gratitude to the fathers. Boys and girls, women and men alike, display their love and gratitude to their father. Parenting is not an easy task. That is why fathers are celebrated on this day for the wonderful job that they are doing as parents.
  • Children giving gifts to their fathers: Children in celebrate their fathers and male guardians on this day by presenting them with gifts. Some of the common gifts are electronic gadgets, greeting cards, and books.
  • Fathers celebrating their fatherhood: Fathers can also use this day to appreciate and celebrate the role that they play in the family.
  • Mothers presenting gifts to their children’s fathers: It is also normal for mothers to celebrate the men in their lives who help them with parenting roles.

In addition to that, some cultural institutions as well as schools have programs which are aimed at celebrating the father’s day. On their part, fathers spend a day with the children in order to impart values and good behavior upon them.

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